Hayes Street Grill is a fish restaurant in San Francisco's Civic Center district, across the street from Davies Symphony Hall and Nourse Auditorium,  a block from the Opera House, SFJazz and City Hall.

We opened the grill in 1979 to serve dinner before the opera, ballet, and  symphony, drawing inspiration from old San Francisco grills like Tadich and Sam's.  But. we  took the grill concept a step farther by committing to exclusively fresh and as many local ingredients as we could find.

Hayes Street Grill is certified by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.  Our produce comes directly from local farms: Mariquita, Everything Under the Sun, Brokaw, Hamada, Yerena, Chue's, McGinniss, Alfieri, Bella Viva, Heirloom Organics, Martin Bournho many nesque and others at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.  Co-owner Patricia Unterman is a founder of that market.   Our meats, poultry and dairy come from sustainable local producers.

Many of the cooks, waiters, and maitre d's have worked at the restaurant for twenty-five or more years, and a good portion of our customers have been coming regularly for just as long, including performing  artists and directors who consider the restaurant their club.  Their autographed photos line the walls.